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Our Journey of manufacturing Innovative Non Metallic Pipes and Fittings, began in 1995, Since then we have come a long way, assuring our customers and meeting their requirements to full satisfaction. Our continuous R&D helps us to launch new and innovative products every 5 years. Our German extrusion machines backed by high quality Exova approved raw materials, inspires us and supports us in manufacturing innovative products.

PPCH – Brand

itself has become technology

PPCH FR Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings

With more than 57000+ successful installations in India, since we launched in the year 2003, gives us pride in serving our discerning customers, who have also endorsed the installations with their testimonials. Our continuous R&D, since 1995 to enhance the Quality, Durability and the Longevity of our products has been a key factor to our success. Our PPCH pipes with Glass fibre reinforcement and flame retardant properties added save you more Energy every time.

Mile Stone

  • Constant R&D and a joint collaboration with Bassell has resulted in developing a very innovative products range
  • We are the first manufacturer of PPRCT FR Composite non metallic Pipes and Fittings up to 12" Diameter across the World.
  • Sole manufacturer of non metallic PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic pipes and fittings with the Greater Inner Diameter
  • One and Only Exporter of Compressed Air Piping – PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings.

Company News

Anjney Tubes India was awarded as SME Top 100 Companies among 43000 Companies. Award conferred by Shree Kalraj Mishra, Honourable Minister of MSME,Govt. of India.

Inaugurated the construction of our Corporate House in the recently purchased land

Fiber Reinforcement Pipe | Utility Pipe

Recently launched our Revolutionary product PPRCT FR Composite Pipes and Fittings with higher MRS

Catalogue of PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings
Catalogue of PPRCT FR Composite Pipes and Fittings

New Arrival

Manufacturer of PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic (Flame Retardant) Pipes and Fittings

India’s only manufacturer of PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings with V2 Flame Retardant technology with greater inner diameter giving higher flow of air

PPRCT FR Composite Pipes and Fittings

Newly introduced Revolutionary product PPRCT FR Composite Pipes and Fittings with higher MRS increasing strength of the pipeline.

Clientele of Anjney

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